Louise Hickey - Graphic Designer


I'm passionate about creativity and bringing ideas to life.

Solid advice: Animals make everything better

Solid advice: Animals make everything better


Louise Hickey

I studied visual communications in Cork Institute of Technology, after my secondary school art teacher saw something in my work that made him believe it would be something I would excel in. I loved studying graphic design, particularly illustration and typography, and graduated in 2013. I have nearly 5 years experience in the industry, working with many different brands, companies and individuals: an e-commerce website and sporting goods company, musicians and music labels, event companies to name a few. At present, I am Head of Graphic Design for a technology company based in Cork.

I'm lucky that there is great variety in my job, and I get to try out a bit of everything - print design, digital design, photography, videography, and marketing. I love to be constantly learning and improving, and graphic design as allowed me to do so. Illustration is my favourite hobby, and I do this as often as possible - it helps me develop creatively and mentally.

I believe everyone should have a passion, and if my passion can help you get the most out of your passion - whether it be opening your own business, or releasing a single - I want to be a part of that. Creativity brings people together, and that's why I've come to love design as much as I do.





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